Solidarity and respect for the environment are at the heart of our approach. 

The beauty of the Great Lakes region and its people are our greatest source of inspiration. Protecting the ecosystems in which our coffee is grown is paramount. 

Our goal is to share exceptional coffee sourced transparently and produced by exceptional people in a sustainable manner which respect for and conservation of the surrounding wildlife habitats. We put our love of the land at the service of development.

Ecological & Environmental impact

With the climate warming faster than predicted, we must all trade consciously and responsibly.  Recognising the impact that transportation has, Virunga Blue Mountains has identified a number of climate change mitigation initiatives to offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by the shipment of its coffee [by supporting emission reduction projects and those that seek to absorb carbon dioxide from the air]: 

  • In partnership with GoForest, we aim to plant a tree for every five kilos of Virunga Blue Mountains coffee sold 
  • We join hands with an enterprise for disabled workers in Belgium to recycle or upcycle our bags into 100% Belgian products
  • Our packaging is 100% Recyclable

Economic & Social impact

Our coffee is roasted by Belgian artisan roasters who are passionate about coffee and its taste potential and who, like us, are eager to promote specialty coffees and the people who produce them.

In marketing specialty coffees in a manner respectful of critical values at all levels of the supply chain, Virunga Blue Mountains seeks to support and buttress a sustainable industry.   We are conscious of plight of our growers and will use profits from the sale of the jute products made in Belgium by an enterprise for disabled workers to finance and support coffee growers, especially women.  We believe that a micro-credit brings more dignity to its beneficiary and the proceeds of a repaid loan can be on-lent to a new ambitious entrepreneur.

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